personal brand photos

authentic images that tell your story

Because stock photos won't help you stand out from the competition.

What sets your business apart from the crowd is YOU. People want to connect with (and buy from) a real person whose values they admire. Let me capture your emotion and personality in photos that reflect what you and your brand stand for.

Connect with your audience through stories.

Your story is who you are, what you do, and why you do it. I'll translate your story into high impact images that convert.
Let's face it, with attention spans getting shorter and shorter, images convey meaning much faster than a paragraph of text can. 

Share all types of stories about your brand, including:


Show off your business with more than just a headshot. Photos of you in your workspace or interacting with customers gives a behind-the-scenes look in how your run your business. 


Supporting a family is often why we go into business in the first place. Share moments of how you spend time with your loved ones and why you cherish those moments.


People relate to each other when they like the same things, like favorite movies, food, sports, or weekend activities. So tell me, how do you spend your free time?


Who or what inspires you? Is there a mentor or colleague who motivates you? A place you visit to brainstorm? Or a lucky charm with special meaning? 


How do you impact the community? Is there a charity or special cause you contribute to? Stories like these showcase your values and how you support those around you.


Need me to document an event you're participating in or follow you on an adventure so you're free to just live in the moment? I'm there! Get the experience and the memories.

Portfolio Gallery

Behind the Scenes of a Personal Brand Photoshoot

Meet Blythe, who shares why she wanted professional images, how she felt during the shoot, and why personal brand photos are important

A steady stream of visual content helps boost engagement and drives sales.

Visual content is more than 40x more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. I can provide personal brand images in four simple steps:

1. Getting To Know You

We'll meet in person or via video chat so I can understand your brand and how you plan to use the images. Together, we'll narrow down what brand stories to shoot.

2. Capturing Your Stories

I'll photograph each story and the various outfits and locations we discussed. You'll get to review and select your images the same day as the shoot.

3. Delivering Your Images

Within 5 business days, your edited images will be available to download from an online gallery. Photos can be cropped to certain social media specs if desired.

4. Design Consultation

Since I also do graphic design, I can provide some design templates so you achieve a consistent, professional online presence.


"She accommodated my schedule for meetings and phone calls, and made the whole process very collaborative; she made my suggestions feel valued and incorporated them into her work in a way that still aligned with her vision. She had great ideas for poses, pictures, etc. All the colors really popped – which is exactly what I wanted.” - Moira Silverberg (recent client)

Let me tell your brand stories

Packages start at $1000. Request my full pricing guide below.

Hi, I'm Klara. I empower entrepreneurs to be the face of their brand so they can authentically connect with their audience.

I’m a personal brand photographer and designer in Jacksonville, Florida. If you're an entrepreneur or influencer who:

  • Wants a reliable creative partner that understands your business needs
  • Needs both photography AND design for their business, and
  • Strives to help others improve 

Then I'd love to be your personal brand photographer!